• Image of Bracket Vol. 02: Hunger

Bracket Vol. 02 features 16 visionaries who have pursued their hunger and changed the world.

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Foreword by Jack Cheng
"Emerson wrote that a man's ambition is proportional to his abilities, that "the height of the pinnacle is determined by the breadth of his base." These are the words of a hungry man. And if we follow their logic, then what we have in this issue are snapshots of sixteen motherfucking mountains."

eBoy (DE)
Fashionary (HK)
HelloVon (UK)
Heydays (NO)
Joey Roth (US)
John Maeda (US)
Kate Bingaman Burt (US)
Kuntzel+Deygas (FR)
Matias Corea (US)
Paperfinger (US)
Paul Belford (UK)
Sam Valenti IV (US)
Seth Godin (US)
Theme & Emeht (US)
Timothy Saccenti (US)
Underware (NL / FL)

Singapore - $1.00
Worldwide - $5.00