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For Bracket Vol. 04, we survey 20 individuals on the topic of
money and its influence on creativity and entrepreneurship.

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Foreword by Shane Bzdok
"It can be earned, spent, given, stolen, wasted, saved or lost. It can be used to build cities or fund wars. Conventional wisdom holds that it can't buy happiness, and rumor has it that it may be the root of all that is evil. One thing for certain is that money, in all its facets, continues to be the predominant medium of exchange—the most accepted way to trade one thing for another."

2 x 4 (US)
Andy McMillan (IE)
Anonymous (SG)
Bob Gill (US)
Hyperakt (US)
Eike Konig (DE)
Hanson Ho (SG)
Hung Lam (HK)
Kashiwa Sato (JP)
Kern & Burn (US)
Larry Peh (SG)
Michael C. Place (UK)
Mike Reed (UK)
Musuta (FL)
Nicholas Ye (SG)
Scott Belsky (US)

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Worldwide - $5.00

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