• Image of Bracket Vol. 05: Hustle

Bracket Vol. 05 features 16 individuals on making things happen and what it means to hustle.

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Foreword by Clifton Burt
"The art of making things happen. That's hustle. It's funny how many ways we can use the word "hustle" in conversation. Its origins as street slang have produced a nuanced word, facetted in meaning, and purposefully a bit vague. It can be used to mean "being energetic", "coercion," or "hard work." It can describe the act of prostitution, drug dealing and even jazz. Linguists could have a field day with it."

Björn Kusoffsky (SE)
Chris Lee (SG)
Craig Ward (US)
Driv Loo (MY)
Headspace (UK)
Kasper-Florio (CH)
Kelley Cheng (SG)
Killspencer (US)
Michael Fakesch (DE)
Natasha Jen (US)
Onformative (GE)
Owen Gildersleeve (UK)
Torafu Architects (JP)
Trilingua Design (HK)
Wang Zhi Hong (TW)
Workroom (KR)

Singapore - $1.00
Worldwide - $5.00