Bracket Press

"Bracket has been featured in over 50 international print and online publications and was awarded at the British D&AD Awards 2012, Creative Circle Awards 2013 and Hong Kong Design Association Awards 2013"

"… a unique magazine featuring interviews with an international who's who in the creative industry." 
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"Judging by the looks of this first issue, the next seven will feature well-designed and expertly-curated content." 

Steve Heller 
"Another slap in the "magazines are dead or dying" face, is Bracket…" 
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Scott Belsky 
"Absolutely LOVED it. The content, concept, and design were all breathtaking. Really extraordinary." 

Duane King 
"Bracket Vol. 02 is a thoughtful assembly of content and design wrapped up in a beautiful print piece."

Frank Chimero 
"It's wonderful! Beautiful! You guys have outdone yourselves again. Great contributors and answers, beautiful design. I look forward to the next issue." 

Stack Magazines 
"Singapore's most beautiful newspaper puts out issue two…" 

"A magazine which stops where others continue…" 
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Steve Heller  "A unique new tabloid designy magazine…" 
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"… unstoppable one to read" 

Scott Belsky (Behance) 
"… this is among my favorite pubs of all time." 

Dominic Flask 
"… great way for people to get to know more about their favorite artists and designers as well as an insightful look at some serious issues, Bracket is an excellent publication for just about everyone." 
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